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Public Safety

Mike has been a strong advocate for supporting public safety and ensuring that our community feels safe and protected. He is proud that Yonkers has been recognized as one of the safest cities in the country and will continue to work towards maintaining and improving public safety in our community.

police car

Supporting Police

Mike has been a staunch supporter of the Yonkers Police Department and worked to provide funding for hiring 10 new police officers during the 'Defund The Police' movement to ensure the safety of our community. He believes that our police officers deserve the resources and support they need to protect our residents.


Funding Firemen

Mike funded the construction of a brand new firehouse, providing our firefighters with the state-of-the-art facilities they need to effectively respond to emergencies. Additionally, he added 11 new firetrucks, replacing the city's aging fleet and ensuring that our firefighters have the necessary tools to keep our community safe.


Historic Investment In Education

During Mike's tenure on the city council, there was a historic investment in education over ten years, amounting to $2.7 billion. He worked closely with his colleagues to ensure that the city prioritized education, recognizing its crucial role in shaping the future of Yonkers.


New Public School

Mike voted in support of the acquisition of St. Denis School for $4 million to transform it into a much-needed new public school on the west side of Yonkers. The school will be a valuable resource for the local community, providing educational opportunities and enhancing the quality of life for students and their families.

Waterfront Development

The waterfront has been transformed into a thriving economic zone, attracting new businesses, creating jobs and generating revenue for the city. This redevelopment has transformed the city's economy and created a brighter future for Yonkers residents along with becoming a popular spot for residents and enjoy the beautiful views of the Hudson River.

cars parked on street

Neighborhood Parking

Mike has fought to preserve neighborhood parking along the Metro-North stations, ensuring that residents had access to safe and affordable parking options. I understand that transportation is essential to our community, and I am committed to working to improve access and transportation infrastructure for our residents.

Construction Noise Ordinance

Mike sponsored a law that created noise ordinance requirements for construction in Yonkers, which ensured that construction operations did not start before 8am or on weekends, thereby reducing noise pollution and preserving quality of life for residents. This initiative showcased Mike's commitment to the well-being of Yonkers' citizens and their quality of life.

no airbnb allowed sign

Outlawed Air BnB's

Mike sponsored a law that outlawed Airbnb motels to protect the safety and quality of life of Yonkers residents. This legislation helped ensure that properties in residential neighborhoods were not being used as short-term rentals, which can create disruptions for residents and reduce the supply of affordable housing.


Hotel Tax Legislation

Mike sponsored hotel tax legislation that generated revenue from non-Yonkers residents staying in local hotels, providing much-needed funding for public services and infrastructure improvements. This helped to support our community's growth and development while ensuring that non-residents who enjoy our city also contribute to its upkeep and improvement.

road paving

Utilities Companies Curb To Curb Excavation

Mike sponsored legislation that required utility companies and businesses to repave roads that they excavated in Yonkers, which helped to maintain the city's infrastructure and keep the roads in good condition. This initiative helped to reduce the number of potholes and other road-related issues that can be a nuisance to residents and drivers.

electric charging station

City Electric Vehicles

Mike and the city council have shown their commitment to sustainability by providing funding to replace the city's fleet of vehicles with electric vehicles over time. This initiative not only reduces carbon emissions but also sets an example for other cities to follow in the fight against climate change.

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Illegal Marijuana Dispensaries

Mike sponsored and supported efforts to crack down on illegal marijuana dispensaries operating in Yonkers. He also passed a resolution urging the New York state government to increase penalties for such illegal activities to ensure the safety of the community.

Schultze Park Playground

Mike played a key role in securing funding for the construction of a new Schultze Park playground. The new playground provides a safe and fun place for children to play and has been a valuable addition to the local community.

street light

Multi-Million Dollar Energy Cost Savings

During Mike's tenure, the city replaced its old lights with energy-efficient LED lights, resulting in multi-million dollar savings in energy costs. The move not only helped reduce the city's carbon footprint but also freed up funds for other vital projects.